PR and Content Marketing: More Insight on the Synergy

A few weeks ago I posted about the synergy of PR and Content marketing and how PR agencies and entities were rebranding themselves to take advantage of the growth of Content Marketing. I said that it makes perfect sense that PR agencies would play and important role and even lead Content Marketing:

Who else better understands what media outlets need? Who else is best able to creatively tell a story? Who else can take raw material and turn it into compelling content? Who else has shown they can get inside the customer’s brain and provide material that influences rather than sells?

Yesterday Laura Ramos of the Forrester Group posted about the role that PR plays in Content Marketing that aligns with that thinking:

I think that the practice of developing content, some of which may become thought leading, on important topics your clients and target prospects face is a practice with which digitally savvy PR people will have a strong affinity.

She also says:

In this Age of the Customer, marketers must move from selling to an audience to building relationships and trust across a community of stakeholders. And the advantages of PR to stimulate conversation, engage in two-way interactions, and develop interesting storylines that involve the intended audience are a natural fit for creating great marketing in this new digital world.

Is your PR agency talking to you about Content Marketing? If not ask them what they think. They should be telling you how it fits into your program.

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