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Can Reporter Objectivity Survive in a Twitter and Facebook world?

Journalists Rick Sanchez of CNN and Juan Williams of NPR have learned the hard way what can be the end result of expressing their opinions. Sanchez’s comments about people like Jon Stewart (i.e. Jewish) running CNN and Williams’ thoughts about

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What the press really think about PR

I spent last Wednesday night at a panel discussion put on by the New England Venture Network on PR and social media for startups. The panel, moderated by Norm Birnbach, featured the thoughts of several local media experts: Greg Huang

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Up in smoke, when agency/client relationships go “mad”

I’m still reeling from the past two week’s Mad Men episodes. I’ve been through enough client terminations in my 20 years of marketing communications to not have had a visceral reaction to Lee Garner, Jr. giving Roger Sterling the bad

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