Social Media content creation in U.S. plateaus – lurking becoming prevalent

Forrester put out a report this morning that needs to be read by anyone using social media as part of their marketing. While people are still joining social media networks, the amount of content being created — blogs, videos, web pages — is flat. Jackie Rousseau-Anderson of Forrester states on her blog:

The story behind the data is pretty clear. The initial wave of consumers using social technologies in the US has halted. Companies will now need to devise strategies to extend social applications past the early adopters. This means that you need to understand how your consumers use social media.

A situation where the number of people consuming content increases and the creation of content doesn’t creates some interesting scenarios. The first is that limited content could limit engagement which could then impact the number of people choosing to join social networks. The second is that smart brand owners can take advantage of the flat growth of content creation and step in to fill the gap.

You can purchase a copy of the report here.

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