Staying relevant – the challenge of communications pros – the more things change, the more they stay the same

I’ve been reading with interest the series that  Todd Defren, Paul Roberts, Lou Hoffman and Steve Farnsworth have been doing on communications issues. On Wednesday each has been posting the answer to a critical question around the communications industry. Today the question is, “To Stay Relevant How Do Communications Professionals Need To Evolve?”. An excellent question. And here is my answer. To evolve, I believe communications professionals need to continue to do exactly what they have always done. But, but, but … what about Twitter, and Facebook and blogs you may be asking.

Those are tools, plain and simple. And those tools enable the communications professionals do their basic jobs. Helping clients communicate successfully with their target audiences. Helping clients build messages for those audiences. Identifying the right vehicles for delivering the messages. And finally, helping to identify and build the channels to disperse that message. The key word in the last sentence is “build”. Today communications professionals have many more ways to deliver their messages. And so today building Twitter channels, Facebook pages, videos or blogs have been added to the tool box.

But, of course, you need to know how to those tools work. But then every new communications tool requires that you learn how to use and appraise it for its place in the communications arsenal. And communications professionals have always done that, right? I’ll admit the tools change more quickly than ever before, but that is impacting all industries.

So what do you think?




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